Do The Loki Pokey Part 2

Greetings True Believers! Sugi here again, and this is the second part to our Loki Pokey article super mega double pack issue release!!!

In all seriousness, this is a writeup that came from Dave, aka UtilityCookie on Discord. He was the person who posted on Facebook about the list and sparked this whole testing idea of Loki+Mind Gem/Thor/MODOK versus BDT. I had not seen his article until after mine was completed so I have enjoyed reading not only his thoughts but the places where we reached similar conclusions about the list. But we also want to extend a big thank you for his time and words to share with the community about this list.

I want to let everyone know that minor edits were made to his original content including, grammar, spelling and formatting (for the website). Another note for his test environment, he had access to Nebula+Gamora/Corvus+Proxima packs where we did not. So this content reflect access to the characters and Tactic Cards ahead of us on the TURN ZER0 team.


  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Hela
  • Valkyrie
  • Mind stone
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • Nebula
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Shuri

Tactics cards:

  • Patch up
  • Brace for Impact
  • Field Dressing
  • Medpack
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Odin's blessing
  • Execute
  • A.I.M. Lackeys


  • Gamma Waves (go to the mission when facing Guardians of the Galaxy or a squishy roster)
  • Deadly Meteors  (go to mission, does not matter if you get pushed off, Hela and Thor have 4 energy defense, takes the fight to the center)
  • Infinity Formula  (Filler)


  • Alien ship (go to mission, slow mission point value is a max of 2 for either team)
  • Panic Grips (go to mission, Asgardians rack up energy fast and can ditch civies when needed)
  • Fear Grips (Filler, slow mission extra dice helps your opponent as well)

15pt Gamma Waves Tactics

First of all, let me point out that depending on what the roster/missions of my opponent are I would never pick 15pts myself on Gamma Waves. Asgardians tend to favor higher point values because of you always bringing a 5 point model. So this is written in mind with the opponent choosing the 15pts on gamma waves.

What is the list?

  • Thor
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • Loki with the Mind Stone


  • Brace for Impact (If you are expecting lots of throws coming your way, otherwise Medpack or A.I.M. Lackeys depending on gameplan)
  • Patch Up
  • Odin's Blessing
  • Field Dressing
  • Sibling Rivalry
General Game plan
  • Take the hits
  • Mitigate damage with your cards and Asgardian leadership. (stagger from Thor and Sibling Rivalry further mitigates damage)
  • Move your opponent's models away with MODOK and Loki.
  • Win on points
  • Make your opponent cry

So again assuming they picked the 15 pt mission your opponent goes first. If there are missions with an extract in the center let them grab it. Use Loki and MODOK to move that model closer and finish him of. (Thank you for the extract and free daze! :))

Your opponent probably knows the risk and will forego his first move in snagging the center one. This leaves you with Loki to either run up and contest the center gamma shelter and you could try to pick it up, leaving you with 2 energy for I Am A God or don't pick it up and have 3 energy to move away or use Odin's blessing.

Other lists run the risk of leaving their models exposed who take the center, Venom and Spiderman in Avengers can pull for one on turn one for example but not against Loki with his bubble of protection. So he is actually pretty safe in picking up and contesting the center objective.

But if you can safely pass the first turn on turn one you should. You want them coming to you and get in range so you can start taking some shots on turn 1. (maybe even get to use Sibling Rivalry)

Turn one should look like:

  • Loki on center objective 1 range away on your end
  • Thor either on the center or on your home objective with an extract if it is in play and maybe thrown a hammer if there is no extract to deal out shock. (mitigate damage, notice the theme? :) )
  • M.O.D.O.K either on the front of your home objective to cover more board space or further back if they have models that can pull or throw him closer to the enemy

The rest of your turns should be healing up damaged models and blasting away with M.O.D.O.K, Thor should be dealing out shock and stagger vs an opposing Thor or other damaging models.

Loki should always be ready to snag the opponent's shelter for a 3 pts increase.
The idea is to either have two extracts and keep the center objective and your home objective. Otherwise to keep your home objective and down every one near it/move them away outside of 2.

Some other general tactics:

  • Use mystical attacks on Thor, Cap, and Black Panther to down them a.s.a.p.
  • Move away models with bodyguard before attacking or just directly focus them down, don't let them spread damage. You want to kill 1-2 models at least in turn 3 or at least 1 in turn 2 if they overextended in turn 1
  • Bait them into attacking M.O.D.O.K., wilds do not work on him, he can heal one each round, if he does take 10 damage then field dressing using his leadership and patch up brings him all the way back to only 3 damage. If Loki is injured this is even more safe to do since there will be no crit spikes.
  • If you have energy to spare throw away size 3 terrain with M.O.D.O.K. so it cannot be used against you.
  • Sometimes it is better to just throw activated models away from shelters into nothing to not grant them extra energy. This further mitigates damage since they have to spend a move or energy for a charge to get to you.


This list was not written as a specific to counter BDT, it just so happen it does. I would say it gives you a 60/40 advantage.

The reason it works so well is because the Thor alpha from your opponent does not really hurt, between Odin's blessing and you activating last and removing stagger yourself you can keep the hurt going while his attacks are hampered.

Their turn one usually is Cap in the center and Thor on your Gamma Shelter.
You should heal up any damage you took, remove stagger from the Thor charge and use Sibling Rivalry to stagger the opposing Thor, it does not need to be your activation to do so.

Next turn use a charge from your own Thor to stagger again or just outright down him.

You should activate M.O.D.O.K. last, use him to get 2 shots of Psionic Blast at Thor if he is in your lines or one shot at cap in the center. If you have enough energy from that shot throw some nearby size 3 terrain away so it can't be thrown at you.

Turn 2:

  • Keep them off objectives by using throws and superpowers
  • Focus Thor or Cap if he is carrying extracts. Use Mythical attacks from M.O.D.O.K first, add in Loki's if you only need 1 or 2 more damage.

From here on out you should be ahead in points. This will force your opponent's hand. With the tactics cards and the Asgardian leadership, you should be able to grind it out and win on kills/points. Remember they need to move to you, you can stand still since they have been thrown and moved away.


If Hulk decides to join the fight this is a big win. They are giving up 1 point a turn by leaving their home objective. This does change your plan a bit. All your reposition efforts should be used on Hulk. (Loki's gem power and after that Modok's power or vice versa depending on positioning) Hulk should be out of the game by this alone. But most important: NEVER ATTACK HIM. He is then 6 points with a below-average attack. Since you kept moving him away he will be power-starved between the Gamma Leap and Loki's bubble. This leaves him with no energy for a throw. Low energy Hulk is sad Hulk.


The most difficulty this list will be facing (and I feel BDT is weak against this as well) is a list with 4-5 models that has some push effects. If they decide to pick up all the extracts, only keep their home shelter and just keep on the board edges then you have to chase them with 3 models. Which means you will leave your Gamma Shelters. And besides, taking only 1 damage a turn vs Thor who will straight down you I know what I would pick.

Once they decide to chase, you can snag their objective with a model like Black Panther and score a quick 3 more points since you will be activating last."

So there it is! Thanks again to Dave for his time and insight to share these thoughts with all of us. We appreciate it and can't wait to see all the amazing lists people come up with in the future!

Keep on rolling!


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