Hela Character Review

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to TURN ZER0 Gaming. You may have watched AMG's live stream of Thor and Valkyrie, and if you're like me, you were surprised that they were going to spoil Hela and Loki as well. I’m coming to talk about Hela specifically today.

First things first, I love the way this model looks. I won't go on and on, even though I want to, but that's not what this is for. Let's break down this character and see if she is going to make a top 10 cut in your list.


Hela's 6 vitality is nothing new when it comes to 4 threat characters, but what's interesting is her movement and size. She is an M move and a size 2 character on a 50mm base. This makes her deceptively quick. Every move she takes is about half an inch further than the small based characters (including deployment). The only other size 2 character to benefit from this is Doc Ock, and after using him I can see the difference. 


Hela's defense line across the board is strong. 4s for all three save types. If you break it down, statistically the worse saves are energy and mystic, however, Hela doesn't suffer from this which makes her not have a weakness against any specific type of character.


Hela has, like every other character, a 0-cost physical attack called 'Hel Forged Blade'. It allows her to build energy from damage dealt and can cause bleed on a wild. Range 2 with 5 dice is average for a 4-threat character, but she gets nastier. Her second attack is a mystic based attack called 'Claim Soul'. It has a power cost of 2 but that's it's only "downfall". It is at range 4 and attacks with 6 dice. Now before you say 6 isn't too bad, remember that on average the worse defenses are energy and mystic. You can almost guarantee 3 damage getting through against most characters, and if you do get damage through, you get a 'Captured Soul' token. Her final attack is physical at range 3 and 7 dice costing 4 power. If you hit a wild, it will explode and potentially deal 1 damage to other opponent characters in range 2. This may be useful in situations, but it's targeting a better defense type and requires a wild to be beneficial. Yes, I know that if the target has a bleed counter on it then it doesn't get to use wilds as successes. That also requires you to use your range 2 physical to get the condition, and it only matters if they roll wilds. Now your Hela is in range 2… I'll pass.... By far, her mystic 'Claim Soul' attack is the best, plus it feeds her Superpowers.


This is where I think Hela really shines and makes her 'Claim Soul' attack even better. Her Superpower 'Army of Hel' basically allows you to discard up to 3 'Captured Soul' tokens to add that many dice to your attack. Now let's see, I'm going to use my range 4 mystic attack that has 6 dice against your what... 3 defense? Now I'm going to add up to 3 more dice to my roll and get a token back due to you taking damage. This makes me happy. This allows her to hit much harder than expected and stay a safe distance away. Her other power is 'Asgardian' which basically means she starts every round with 2 power (conveniently the price to pay for her 'Claim Soul' attack). Her last power is 'Goddess of Death' this is just another way for her to get soul tokens. Whenever another character is Dazed or KO’d, she gets a 'Captured Soul' token. So, if you Daze/KO someone using her 'Claim Soul' then you get 2 tokens, to a Max of 3. She doesn’t even need to be the one that causes the Daze/KO. Seems pretty good!!


So, your opponent actually managed to daze your Hela. She flips and you see, OH NO, she only has 4 vitality on this side. But wait!!! That's not the only thing that changed. She has now gained another Superpower called 'Queen of Hel'. This allows her to remove 3 soul tokens to not be KO'd and heal back up to her 4 vitality. Does this make her invincible? No, but it does make your opponent have to focus at least 2 characters to try and bring her down before she has a chance to rebuild the soul token count. But don't worry, you still have your 4 defense across the board. 


I see Hela being a versatile character. She will be able to hit hard, stay at range, and move quickly to where needed. Does this make your 10? Maybe. The issue we are getting into is there are so many good characters out there, how do you just pick 10? Well, my friend, that will be in another article. Until our next encounter. 



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