Roster Tech: Dashgard by UtilityCookie

Hello, and welcome to another TURN ZER0 article! In this article, we break down an Asgardian roster that will soon be available for play to everyone around the globe! 


The roster has found its origin in our local Dutch meta and was created by Nayhl (on discord) and me (UtilityCookie). We have worked out some tactics and tricks with this list for all of you to unleash on your opponents.







  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Mind gem
  • Enchantress
  • Angela
  • Valkyrie
  • Wong
  • Ghost Spider
  • Taskmaster
  • Okoye


Tactics cards


  • Hired Muscle
  • Odin’s blessing
  • Medpack
  • Brace for impact
  • Rainbow bridge
  • All you’ve got
  • Advanced R&D
  • Disarm


Crisis cards




  • Panic Grips City As Evacuation Efforts Continue!
  • Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan
  • Alien Ship Crashes Downtown!



  • Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due?
  • Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians
  • Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park





Most rosters these days have a strong focus on the secures they can perform well on. This roster flips that approach around, it wants to dictate the extracts that will be chosen. The consensus is that Asgard wants to brawl and like the secures that require you to spent power. So, having these secures in the roster is still fine if you lose priority and they let you pick secures, but most likely they will let you choose extracts since they want to avoid playing on these secures vs Asgard.


So why do we want to choose extracts? Well, this roster has a devastating turn 1 play that can outright win games if your opponent has no plan for it. 


The two extracts we want to play are either Spider Infected or Panic Grips, Panic Grips being the favorite here.



The set up on Panic Grips:



Assuming 19 points here, on lower point values Angela can be replaced by Valkyrie for example.


Angela deploys center, Loki and Enchantress on one flank, Thor on the other. Use Hired Muscle on the weakest flank of your opponent and steal their civilian either with Angela or with Loki with Mind Gem. Pick up your own civilian. Have Enchantress ready for a grab and snag turn 2. If they manage to deal some damage on the forward Asgardian (Loki or Enchantress) use the leadership to heal one, between leadership, trickster or no re-rolls on Angela, Odin's blessing, I am a God, they are really tough to take down round one. Gave them 3 power? Rainbow Bridge away. Now run away with your Asgardians while trying to score 2 points on secures for 2 rounds.


After scoring 4 from secures you need 12 more to win.


3 civies = 6 points over 2 rounds


Then each Asgardian can pay 6 on their activation to evacuate on turn 3 ending the game after three activations.


Keys to Victory


  • Run and keep healing/throwing away enemy models
  • Starve them of power by not attacking them


You hardly get any attacks off on the Asgardians between Loki Mind gemming, Thor throwing and Enchantress moving them away. The downside to this is that it slows down the potential for 6 power in turn 3, so it’s key here to only use your superpowers if you really have to.


If you look at the board with the above in mind, you can see this puts the opponent in a really bad spot, having 3 civilians and leaving your opponent with 1 force them to hold 2 secures to even the score. But since you have the threat of scoring 6 in one turn during activations this forces them to come to you turn one which will lead to a huge point advantage after 2 rounds. 


Even if you have to sell a civilian a turn earlier because they somehow managed to almost daze a model the difference in points is difficult to close. Should they choose to keep models on secures they are now trying to catch your models with fewer models/threat values.


On Spider Infected:


On the spiders extract you do the same and enchantress steals the 4th one if you do not have priority and they took the center, otherwise you can use Angela with Hired Muscle to place 3 of the 5 closer to your edge forcing them into a worse position and an easier set up for enchantress to steal turn 2.


Here you cannot score 6 to end the game but the point differences are larger if you manage to steal the 4th one and retreat on turn 2. This will again lead them into chasing you across the board while you run to the weakest/easiest secure to score.


The combination of the leadership healing, Odin’s blessing, medpack, the defensive tech of Angela, Enchantress, and Loki leads to a super survivable team that is hard to take down whilst they run away with points. Some games can even be won without the Asgardian player rolling a single attack dice!




There is counterplay to this tactic of course but there is not much you can do if you are not prepared for it. 


Mystique brings in her deception card that can mess with the positioning of the forward model, but be careful, if you give them 3 power it opens up Odin’s blessing or Rainbow bridge to get them to safety, or in Loki’s case, it lets him Trickster away. 


Web Warriors/throwing models or Dr. Strange can use superpowers/attacks to pull in the exposed model and pounce on it. This tactic does leave their team stuck in the deployment zone so it is not a perfect answer. If Loki is the forward model Spiders will need advanced R&D to even be able to use their superpowers turn one after Gwen or Peter gains one from their web shot. 


An opposing Hired Muscle play is the best answer to this setup or in the case of Defenders using Pentagrams (with or without Hired Muscle) to threaten the exposed model or steal the extract on the Asgardians side. This also makes it harder for Asgard to run away since Pentagram placement can cut off some escape routes.



General notes


Even if you are not playing on one of the civilian scenario's this roster performs super well on others. If the opponent lets you pick secures because they see this play coming you are still playing on one of the secures that is more favorable to Asgard: Deadly Meteors or Mutant Madman (MMM). These scenarios require you to spend power to claim them, if you want to pick up an extract as well you need models that generate 2 power per turn. Luckily each Asgardian does so. Your opponent will probably not have the luxury of doing that turn except for other Asgardians/Gem bearers/Hulk etc. or with the use of tactics cards. Spider portals are also an option here as the third scenario if you'd like, but having the option to force a slow scenario is something we preferred. The incinerate on Demons can also be easily removed by Asgard.


If we look at extracts that your opponent then is able to drop to avoid Hired Muscle:


Montesi formula and Cubes


Angela can safely grab the center extract because of her base size and her L move and retreat to safety (or grab a second cube on a flank). Leading to a point advantage each round. This forces your opponent to grab the center extract or fall behind on points, exposing them to a double move Valkyrie and throwing them into your models to pounce on, or have Enchantress simply walk up, beam attack to gain power, and steal it right back. Again leading to a point advantage.


The rest


Enchantress is such a good model here, you can have her hover around the center of the board. As soon as your opponent picks up the extract you can have Enchantress walk up, (move the opponent S closer with her superpower if needed) and steal it from them.


If you enjoyed this article, check out TURN ZER0 GAMING online:

We are always talking Marvel Crisis Protocol somewhere, and we want you to be a part of that conversation! Until next time...


Keep on rollin'











  • 8/6/22

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