Thor Character Review

Like many of you, I just watched the AMG live stream revealing "almost" the entire new line up of Asgardians. My immediate first impressions were, "Holy Sh!t! These guys are crazy overpowered!" and " The power creep is real." But as I looked a little closer at them, I personally do not think they are as overpowered as they first appear. So let's start going through these guys and gals.. Starting with:

Thor - Prince of Asgard

Thor is the bruiser the Avengers needed and the leader of the Asgardians. He's has a big health pool at 14 HP total. Medium movement, with solid defenses (4 physical, 4 energy, 3 Mystic) at a cost of 5 points. That's a solid stat line. His attacks are almost exactly what I expected, with one exception. The "God of Thunder" attack. I expected him to be the first character in MCP with an AoE attack, but I did not expect the way they balanced the attack would be to make it cost 6. But in hindsight, this makes sense. Power caps at 10, so the only way currently I see that this goes off twice in a round, is with Red Skull with Cabal Affiliation, AND almost near max power on Thor already. This was a solid balancing call by AMG in my opinion.

His new Status effect, "Shock" sounds really good. Shock reduces your opponent's dice pool by 1 on the affected character. Personally, I'll take anything I can get that can limit my opponent's dice. Especially as this game grows, this is a status effect that will always have a use.

On top of that, he can throw up to size 4 terrain or enemy character (cough, cough... MODOK) which will prove to be very handy especially with the new size 4 Terrain in the pipeline. And we still aren't done. He also has a really cool superpower called "For Asgard!" which is another version of charge and a power generating attack in Strike. So in a turn, Thor can have 3 effective actions, similar to other characters with the charge superpower. And let's not forget to talk about his base attack. His strike is really strong. The range 2 limits it uses round 1, but this base attack comes with the ability to throw a character, size 4 or less, short. This attack should be very useful in the later rounds of the game to help with objective control and clumping enemy characters up for the all-powerful "God of Thunder" attack.

And finally, let’s talk about his leadership ability. This thing is VERY good. The ability to heal or remove status effects is huge, especially as more come into play (like Shock) with these new expansions. Add to that, the other new static ability, Asgardian, which allows each of them to gain an additional power at the start of each round and you have a solid foundation for these "Asgardians"as their own faction.

On paper, this guy seems to have everything you could want "The God of Thunder" to have... except one thing. Thor is absolutely a character relying on dice rolls, and while his attacks are sizable, you still have to roll the damage sides. For me so far in this game, I have started adding a premium value on characters that can re-roll dice (Zemo, Captain Marvel, & Shuri to name a few) or change sides like MODOK's ability to blank wilds when he is attacked. Nothing could feel worse than setting up a big turn in your head, to just whiff on dice sides... and as of right now, Thor does not have any help in that department.

So for me, Thor is good, and I'll be playing him to see what teams he will fit best into... But the best character at 5 points is still MODOK in my opinion. Did I mention MODOK also has a base Mystic attack at 6 die... What's Thor's weakest defense?

We will be reviewing the rest of the newly spoiled Asgardians throughout the weekend!


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