TURN ZER0 Character Breakdown: Storm

Welcome back to another TURN ZER0 GAMING article! Today we are looking at the mighty Ororo, or better known as Storm, leader of X-Men Gold. AMG was able to push the X-Men to a release schedule that coincides with the first year of Marvel Crisis Protocol. The community is not only excited but ready to unpack the newest wave of characters added into the MCP universe. 


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Storm is the leader of X-Men Gold, while Cyclops is the leader of X-Men Blue. In this article, we are going to dissect Storm and what she brings to the table for her mutant teammates.


Lightning Bolt

  • Storm's builder attack runs a below-average 4/4/0 lineup (range/dice/power). If Storm rolls a Wild, she can apply the Shock condition. 
  • The best part of this attack is the energy typing. Models like Beast, Venom, and anyone with two energy defense dice are prime targets for Storm to lean on.
  • Shock states: "The character removes one die from its attack rolls". Although consistently rolling wilds on four dice is not commonplace, lowering the potential damage output from enemy models matters.
  • Similar to Green Goblin, this attack is not going to be dealing out significant damage to targets. The range and the opportunity to Shock is useful to slow down the opponent's front-line models. But do not expect Storm to be dazing models left and right with Lightning Bolt.


Ice Blizzard

  • Beam three, four dice, and zero power lead to a pretty uninteresting attack. Ice Blizzard also gives the Stun condition if it deals damage.
  • Initially, a Beam three for zero power is very appealing. But the physical attack type and the stipulation you must deal damage to Stun is a rough ask. Four dice into the best defensive values in the game leave Storm in a rough position. The odds are not in her favor to land one or more damage to Stun threats. The fact Storm has the potential to Stun is nice. However, the reality is not favorable for Storm to produce Stun on demand. 
  • Beam three is a nice attack if the enemy team groups up. Maps like Gamma Waves are the best place to get the maximum value out of this attack. However, Storm is one of the best back point holders in the game. If you are in the position where Storm has turned into a front-line attacker using this beam, you might be in a bad place. I feel the same about this attack as I do Lightning Bolt, I wish one of these had five dice instead of four. 



  • AOE two, five dice at the cost of four power, this is Storm's spender attack, and it packs in three bonus effects.
  • This attack ignores LOS, and defending characters do not benefit from cover. 
  • After the attack is resolved, each targeted enemy model with the Flight keyword suffers a guaranteed one damage.
  • Allied models in range of this attack do not suffer damage.
  • Storm is not a power battery. This spender has a lot going for it, but you do not want Storm to be a front-line assassin. If she is using this attack, things might not be working super well for Storm. I like how this attack works super well in the mirror match against another Storm. Being able to ignore cover matters a lot, especially when Storm can create on-demand cover with her affiliation. The primary issue is Storm sitting on four power to use this attack. Her throw and Eye of the Storm are arguably better ways to spend the power she accumulates. 


X-Men Gold

  • Once per round, you may use this leadership ability during an allied character's activation if it is not holding an objective token. If you do, choose an allied character within range two of the active character. Place the active character within range one of the chosen character. 
  • This ability is Hydra Tactics from Winter Soldier on a stick. Once per round and while holding no objective tokens are the only stipulations that prevent an ally from using this teleport. Line of sight does not matter. Model size does not matter. X-Men have a unique movement tool with Storm and create a very high skill ceiling team leader. 
  • Storm has a second leadership ability that is also pretty nuts. "When an allied character is targeted by an attack and the attacker is not within range two of the allied character, the allied character has cover."
  • Storm is a walking cover generator. Let's talk about how good this ability is at a baseline. Giving allies cover across the entire map without any restrictions is an incredible affiliation ability. Being able to extend the lifespan of allies from long-range attacks is phenomenal. Building hybrid defensive team comps to take advantage of this ability is equally phenomenal. 
  • Storm is by far one of the best three threat leaders ever to be released into Marvel Crisis Protocol. Her affiliation ability is incredible and opens up new lines of play we have never seen before. The once per round teleport gives X-Men players so much flexibility to position aggressively or escape from assassins trying to snipe stragglers. Mapwide cover is not to be underestimated. X-Men Gold is most likely going to see a lot of play and testing amongst the community. Not only is Storm a fun model to play, but both her abilities are useful and offer players tools to push the advantage. 


Eye of the Storm

  • Pay three power to add two dice to any attack rolls during the next attack action. Although this is a simple superpower, it has strong applications.
  • Eye of the Storm adds +2 dice to each attack roll from Storm's basic, beam and AOE attack. Storm will see the greatest returns when she hits multiple people with her beam or AOE. Spending three power for +2 dice on one target is not as impactful as +4 or +6 overall dice when attacking grouped up models.
  • If Storm needs to land Shock or Stun, this is her best path to success. She can also use Eye of the Storm to increase her chances to daze/KO damaged models if necessary.
  • The major downside for Eye of the Storm is the power cost. Storm will get way more out of her throw than adding two dice to a single attack on average. Throws reposition enemies off points or produce guaranteed incoming damage that enemy models have to block. 



  • Three power allows Storm to throw terrain or enemy characters size two or less within range three, Short in any direction. 
  • The difference between her three power throw and the standard two power throw is range three. Models like Beast and Valkyrie spend two power to throw terrain and enemy models within range two. Storm increases the power cost while increasing her range at the same time. Although she is not a power battery, the extra range matters. 
  • In our test games, Storm will usually babysit the back objective and control the back-line. If the opponent tries to get aggressive early game, Storm can shoot a Lightning Bolt into a target in the hopes of gaining +1 power, and then throw them away. 
  • Advanced R&D is another tool that can bring Tempest online by round two. With Storm having Goddess of Storms to protect her, sitting in the back-line, and three power, it is hard to get close enough to attack her and stand on an objective. 
  • Storm's teleport, map-wide cover, and throw turn her into a potent utility leader. Opponents have a difficult time attacking her unless they get into close range. At that point, Storm can throw some attacks into enemy models and throw them away from her and the objective she is protecting. 


Goddess of Storms

  • Characters must be within range three of this character to target it with attacks.
  • This ability is NOT Stealth. Although it has the same wording, it is not the innate ability "Stealth". Team Tactics like Acute Senses and Marked For Death do not work on Storm.
  • Combining Storm's Goddess of Storms and X-Men Gold affiliation ability, Storm is hard to bring down. Both of these defensive powers help Storm to be one of the best back-line models in the game. She can safely sit in the back and score victory points. If the opponent sends enemy models into her range, she can summon some Lightning Bolts and throw the enemy models away from her. 


The Wife Of T'Challa



Storm is amazing. Why is she amazing you may ask? She changes the dynamics of positioning models with her once per round teleport. Long movers can set up strong plays where Medium movers can move, teleport to the Long mover and throw an attack into an enemy model. The teleport helps keep X-Men in the fight against control options like throws and pushes. 


On top of the mobility for X-Men, Storm creates map-wide cover that empowers her team. Models who count blanks on their defense plus cover are incredibly sturdy. Black Panther and Daredevil excel on tight maps like Gamma Waves when combining both defensive tools. Counting blanks + getting cover from attacks outside range two makes sticking damage difficult. In response, Panther can push you away, or Daredevil can attempt to Stun with his basic strike. 


Try this 15 point lineup on Gamma Waves for some pretty fun results:


  • Storm (Leader) - 3 pts
  • Cyclops (Ranged Assassin) - 4 pts
  • Wolverine (Close-range Assassin) - 4 pts
  • Daredevil (Bruiser) - 4 pts

Tactics: Medpack | Field Dressing | X-Ceptional Healing | No Matter The Cost | All You've Got


If you are not trying to stack models into cramped maps like Gamma, Storm can empower X-Men on spread out maps as well. The teleport gives X-Men the option to keep their assassins in range and consistently throwing attacks into the enemy. Wolverine using the teleport is a monster. Cyclops being able to use multiple Optic Blasts or teleporting to setup an Optic Devastation can swing a round. 


On top of all of these setups, Storm can protect front-line objective runners like Toad who want to move aggressively, steal an objective, and escape safely. She can also keep slow movers like Crossbones, Groot, or Kingpin alive longer as they position themselves for mid to late game plays. Storm is all about utility and keeping her team alive longer. She is not an assassin or front-line model by any means. However, she is fantastic at controlling the back-field, scoring objectives, and giving the rest of her team the tools to get into combat, and constantly applying pressure. 


As good as Storm sounds on paper, she does have disadvantages. If the opponent can get into close-range, Storm has no defensive tools. Without cover and Goddess of Storms, Ororo is quite vulnerable. She is also vulnerable to throws or being thrown into other terrain/models. On top of her defensive weaknesses, she is not a reliable damage dealer. Her four dice attacks are below average compared to the five dice attack standard. Storm is all about utility, team support, and giving pilots the tools to teleport around the map for increased offensive opportunities. 


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