TZG Campaign Part 1 - The Vibranuim Mines

" ........there will........This technol...used for any purpose imaginable. The to set.........unable once th.........

Vibranium is vital and must be ........all cost...................chips will need to be pres............obtain all. There are .......Time is not on our side. The........istance......"

"That's all there is?", Cap asked with a look that made you feel like he was still listening to the broken, disjointed message.

 "The message was scrambled, encrypted, routed through a dozen sources before we got it. Be glad you even got this much, Captain", came Fury's snarky reply.

"Look" he began again, "We don't know who sent it, where it came from, or where it's going. Our surveillance team picked up on "Vibranium, cost, chips, and time" key words and brought it to my attention."

 "Those ...are troubling words to have all in one paragraph", Tony chimed in from a rather leisurely position across the table. "It could just as easily been a request for the cost for a vibranium bowl that holds chips and salsa for this week."

  "Not likely, Stark."

  "$3,000 by the way. I have one if anybody wants to use it."

   "Vibranium is only found in one place on Earth and a few black markets." Natasha said as she walked into the room. “I’ll reach out to my contacts on the dark web. The problem is getting that intel and not exposing what we are really looking for.” 

  The tension seemed to grow with every nanosecond of silence. Everyone knowing it, but not daring to utter the words.

Finally Captain America broke the dense silence.

"We're gong on a field trip.'

 "Options, people. What do we have? Tony, your company has had access to vibranium in the past. Could someone be targeting those facilities?"

 "Negative. That was a one time shot. Your shield represents all the material possessed by Stark Industries."

Fury takes this moment to add "There is one thing to know. We have started to make contact with the leaders of a place called Wakanda. It's near to where Stark found his supply. I'll warn you though....They are not the friendliest people and not the most public. I'll send over the information."

   "All right, we'll see if they know anything about this. That still leaves the chips."

Bruce Banner looked up from the floor he had been studying. "That could mean anything".

Tony stood to leave, his way of saying the meeting was over, at least for him. "Given that it's lumped in with would appears to be the word "technology" along with Vibranium and the allusion to something imaginable I think we could safely say it's computer chips. I can run the message through Jarvis and see if he can "auto fill" in the blanks."

 "Ok, let's suit up, people" Cap said as he too rose from the table just as Fury gave his last piece of advice.

 "Remember.... These people are neutral."

 "Diplomacy is the goal." replied Cap.

 "We don't know if they have this same message, are aware of it, or if they are making deals". He paused dramatically hoping someone else would state the obvious. They didn't.

  "Take a small team. But, prepared for anything".

The Vibranium Mines

17 Threat

*** The 2 teams facing off must be of different factions***

Set up

1 - Place 4 cosmic cube fragment tokens (Vibranium Ore Mine) as Shown in the photos below. 5 range up and in. 


Once a character has interacted with the mine, please use a faction token of your chosen faction to indicate which characters have picked up the vibrainium ore.

2 - Place the HQ token (Vibranium Stockpile) as shown in the photos below. Place the token on a size 2 piece of terrain (the Dumpster works the best). 

THIS TERRAIN IS NON-INTERACTIVE. It can not be moved by either player.

After the markers have been put in place, place up to 16 points of interactable terrain.


Each player must travel to one of the mine locations, and spend 1 power to interact with the mine.

That character will then pick up the vibranium ore, using a faction token to indicate which character has ore. Each character can only carry ONE LOAD of Vibranium at a time.

Once a character has the ore, they will need to travel to the Vibranium stockpile to drop off the ore. Any character within range 1 of the stockpile may drop off the ore. This action does not cost energy and is a free action.

The team that controls the stockpile at the end of the round will score victory points equal to the amount of ore deposited that entire round BY BOTH TEAMS, PLUS the VPs equal to the round number.

The team that does not control the stockpile scores VPs equal to the ore their team dropped off for the round. Please see example 1 below.


Round 2

 Avengers drop off 3 vibranium ore

 Cabal Drops off 2 Vibranium ore

 Cabal controls the stock pile at the end of the round, so cabal scores: 3 (Avengers ore) + 2 (Cabal ore) + 2 (round number) = 7 VPs

 Avengers Score: 3 (Avengers ore) = 3 VPs

In the event that no one has control of the stockpile, teams gain points equal to the amount of ore that players faction has dropped off for that round. Please see example 2 below.

Example 2 

 Avengers drop off 2 vibranium ore

 Cabal drops off 2 vibranium ore

 No one has control of the stockpile: each team scores 2 VPs (the amount of ore they dropped off that round)

Each round the stockpile is reset to 0 PLUS the round number, and players must start bringing more ore to the stockpile. The first player to 16 VPs or whoever has the most VPs at the end of 6 rounds, wins!

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