Valkyrie Character Review

Asgardians…amass! That doesn’t sound right. I don’t know how Asgardians convene but what I DO know is we have a newly revealed character to talk about! Her name is Valkyrie, she brought a couple of swords with her and she’s ready to kick butt and take names.

The 3-Point Queen?

If you’ve listened to our first podcast you know we have some dissenting opinions about the strongest 3-Threat characters. But right out of the gate I’m here to tell you Valkyrie is going to be the premier 3-drop of choice. I would compare her most closely with Crossbones, who I think is the other heavy hitter in this Threat bracket. Her Strike is on par with the rest of the tier and exactly the same as Crossbones. 5 dice on a 0-power attack is solid, nothing special here. Where she really leaps ahead is with Dragon Fang. This 3-power, -7- die attack, is two more than Crossbones and blows any of the other 3-Threat characters away, not just Mr. Bones (sorry, wrong game). It applies a bleed upon resolution without the need to roll a wild, but if she DOES roll one, well mister you just signed up to get hit with an immediate Strike attack. Don’t put those defense dice away yet! If she goes into combat with a little power on her she has the potential to make 4 attacks a turn, which is devastating. With those swords swinging she’s like the deadliest Benihana chef ever. Catch the shrimp or be cut down, curr!


Speaking of Benihana, my spiciest take with the reveal of the Asgardians is that I think their superpowers are so individually powerful that they will make great companions with our beleaguered and much-maligned Captain America. Each of Valkyrie’s powers cost a whopping 2 power and are spectacular. Her size 2 throw can target terrain and enemy characters, meaning lamp posts, dumpsters, and cars are fair game, as well as the majority of enemy characters. Throwing a dude at another dude feels as great as it sounds. Charge is a staple of the Zemo/Killmonger drive-by style that gets played around our shop frequently and helps her deal with what I would say is her biggest disadvantage – her max of 2 range on both of her attacks. Warrior of Legend is the real gem here. We have been finding in our games that the ability to roll more dice and/or correct a poor roll is paramount. The fact that this power ONLY costs 2 is crazy to me, not just because of how powerful dice correction is, but because it’s not limited to just one die turn! You get to turn a die for EACH critical or wild! Consider you could roll 7 dice on a Dragon Fang and hit 4 blanks, a critical, and two wilds. Turn your 3 hits into 6 hits, and THEN FLURRY INTO A STRIKE. That’s bonkers good. Finally, Asgardian is just a cheat code. I like to play asset crisis objectives and I’m already thinking how silly it is that I can play Drop Off and fly Valkyrie to an interactable asset, Benihana someone, grab the asset on her turn, and charge out with a side of fried rice and some yum-yum sauce.

The Flip Side

She loses 1 Stamina, down to 5 and keeps carving you up without losing anything else. She’s good, put her on the table already!


6 Stamina, 3 Threat, 3 dice on each defense, a dazed side with almost no penalty besides a 1 Stamina drop. Big attacks, bigger powers. She’s going to be an auto-include in any list I have space for a 3 Threat character and I expect she’ll be in your lineups soon.


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