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Staying focused in Marvel Crisis Protocol

Posted by Courtney Fremstad on

Hello! My name is Sugi and welcome to TURN ZER0 GAMING. Although this is a new blog/brand for the Marvel Crisis Protocol player base, we are very passionate about this new game. I have been playing wargames for a little over 12 years now, but I am always looking for new games to learn and master. I am personally excited to see what AMG, as well as the community, does with this game.  I have played a LOT of Games Workshop games (40K 5th-8th ED, WFB, AoS, Kill Team, WarCry), as well as other wargames over the years (Warmachine/Hoardes, Flames...

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Thor Character Review

Posted by Todd Rowe on

Thor is the bruiser the Avengers needed and the leader of the Asgardians. He's has a big health pool at 14 HP total. Medium movement, with solid defenses (4 physical, 4 energy, 3 Mystic) at a cost of 5 points. That's a solid stat line. His attacks are almost exactly what I expected, with one exception. The "God of Thunder" attack. I expected him to be the first character in MCP with an AoE attack, but I did not expect the way they balanced the attack would be to make it cost 6. But in hindsight, this makes sense. Power caps at 10, so the only way currently I see that this goes off twice in a round, is with Red Skull with Cabal Affiliation, AND almost near max power on Thor already. This was a solid balancing call by AMG in my opinion.

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